It came to my attention that mails sent from contact forms or from WordPress are not delivered to G suite users email addresses. You can search the whole internet but at the end the fix accepted by many webmasters is using the WP Mail SMTP plugin from wpforms. As SMTP service they choose Gmail or G Suite for extended quotas as for Gmail the quota is about 5000 mails per month and with G suite 20.000 mails per month.

Why G suite email addresses do not receive email from WordPress

By default, WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send emails. The most common reason for not getting emails is that your WordPress hosting server is not configured to use the PHP mail function. G Suite requires that an email is properly through SMTP.

How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email to G Suite

Install the WP Mail SMTP plugin and configure it with Gmail or better G Suite to send emails. You are free to use other mail services like mailgun, Sendgrid, Outlook and more.

Useful resources regarding this issue:

This solution needs you to create an Gmail API Project, the plugin will walk you through the steps.

Create a project here: sign into your Gmail account and access Gmail’s application registration.


This is a easy and good fix, it takes some in depth knowledge but if you follow the tutorials you should be able to manage this.