About us

Website design, internet solutions, maintenance, consultancy, managed hosting and website publishing since 1998

What we are good at

Building websites

We create awesome, responsive and eye catching websites. View our web design portfolio for an impression of our work.

Website maintenance and security

We offer a custom maintenance and security plan for your website to prevent potential hacks and site infections.

Search Engine Optimization

We boost your website & online presence with SEO to get better rankings when people search for your services online.

A little bit of history

We are active since 1998 in the field of internet solutions, web design & publishing. We founded one of the first web hosting companies on september, 12 2000 with success and founded Stigdata B.V. as of august, 23 2002 with the aim of seconding IT engineers and was taken over by a third party as of january, 1 2008. In order to continue our internet web publishing business activities & to offer website solutions, we now continue under the name Cloudzola.


Some customers for whom we have worked

Poolcafé delfshaven

We re-designed the website of Poolcafé delfshaven twice they are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Started designing and maintaining in 2006 and redesigned the website to make it responsive & eye catching in 2017. We offer ongoing Maintenance & Security for the website and for G Suite until present. They are one of our priority clients with multiple websites and custom needs that is why we mention them here and learned them Social Media Marketing, on and off site Search Engine Optimization.

Visit their website at: www.poolcafedelfshaven.nl

Various obstetric / midwifery clinics

Freelance projects between 2001 & 2005. Consultancy and design of networks as well as migrations and implementations due to due to national legislation concerning digitization and automation in health care. Drafting the plans of approach and documenting the networks. Delivery of various hardware, system and network management on demand.

For, among others, the following obstetric / midwifery clinics:

  • Obstetricians West (Verloskundige Maatschap West)
  • Obstetricians Bergweg (Verloskundige Maatschap Bergweg)
  • Various other smaller or individual obstetricians or midwifes around Rotterdam.

Ministry of Justice and Security

Freelance project, between 2004 & 2007. Systems Engineer at the Dutch Public Prosecution Service and the court through the then-named ICT Organization ICTRO nowadays known as SPIR-IT.

Weighpack International B.V.

Freelance project between 2001 & 2005. Consultancy  and system / network management based on (sub) projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Reporting and documenting various topics. Designed the IT architecture and implemented a new network as well as a complete network migration.

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Freelance project between 2003 to 2004. Administration and functional maintenance of a Document Management System. Participation in a migration project of the entire Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science from Zoetermeer to The Hague.
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